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1. Preambule

The Website, hereinafter referred to as DESIGN YOUR CORNER is owned by the company S.C. DESIGN YOUR CORNER S.R.L, based at Stefanestii de Jos, Ilfov district, 1st Cameliilor Street, 1st floor, 102 ap., in Romania, registered at Bucharest Trade Register under the number: J23/3360/2013, tax code number RO32455574, bank account no. RO78INGB0000999904022097 opened at ING Bank, Baneasa Agency, and e-mail address: DESIGN YOUR CORNER is an ecommerce website offering home design products for sale over the Internet.

These Terms and Conditions apply to the use of this website and by accessing this website and/or placing an order you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions set out below.

The Terms and Conditions constitute the sale contract between DESIGN YOUR CORNER and the Website’s Customer upon any sale of the ordered Products on the website DESIGN YOUR CORNER. The purpose of these Terms and Conditions is to define the rights and obligations of DESIGN YOUR CORNER and the Customer in the context of online selling of Products, available on the website DESIGN YOUR CORNER.

The Customer acknowledges, prior to placing an Order that he has read and agreed to all the information mentioned in Terms and Conditions. DESIGN YOUR CORNER reserves the right to make alterations to these Terms and Conditions at any time without prior notice.

2. Terminology

  • “Terms and Conditions”: refers to the current document, that is the “Terms and Conditions” applying between the Customer and DESIGN YOUR CORNER. The current document is applied to any valid order, confirmed in written by DESIGN YOUR CORNER to the Client.
  • “Website/site”: refers to the website available at or any other address having a different extension, such as ro, net, org.
  • “Product(s)/Goods”: refers to any item offered for sale, available on the Website DESIGN YOUR CORNER,
  • “Customer/He”: refers to a private person or a legal entity using the Website to acquire one or more Product(s), for which he accepted the Terms and Conditions.
  • “Order”: refers to an electronic document, representing the sale order from the Customer on one or more Products while using the Website DESIGN YOUR CORNER.

3. Placing an order on DESIGN YOUR CORNER

Shopping online at DESIGN YOUR CORNER is a fast and secure process.

To place an order to the Website, the Customer has two options:

  • To create an account by completing a subscription form.
  • To place an order without having a registered account user

For the first option mentioned, namely a), the Customer will have to choose a login user name (e-mail address) and a password in order to create an account user. The Customer must make sure not to disclose his login and his password at any time throughout the entire process of using the Website. The Customer is held responsible for all actions conducted on the Website while using his login account and password, including placing an order.

The Customer hereby states that all personal information provided while completing the subscription form is accurate and complete in order to proceed to his precise identification in any situation.

The Customer may at any time terminate his subscription to the Website and close his user’s account. To this end, the Customer shall address his termination request by sending an e-mail to

By choosing the second option mentioned before, namely b), when shopping online at DESIGN YOUR CORNER, the Customer is required to complete his personal information every time He places an order.

DESIGN YOUR CORNER may not be held responsible for any incorrect personal details entered by the Customer or for the consequences related to any delays during the delivery process.

While browsing through the Website, the Customer may add a Product to his shopping cart by clicking on the “Order” icon. Should you wish to amend your selection, simply click on the ‘Remove Item’ icon by the product you do not require. At any time until final Order confirmation, the Customer may browse through selected Products and change his mind, modify quantities or even remove one or more selected Products. To continue shopping, click on the “Continue Shopping” icon. To complete your purchases, click on the ‘Place order now’ icon.

If you have any questions or would like product advice, please email

By placing an order on DESIGN YOUR CORNER, the client should agree upon any form of communication (e-mail, SMS, phone) that DESIGN YOUR CORNER runs its operations.

Following validation of the shopping basket, the Customer shall confirm his Order by:

  • Completing all the requested information,
  • Accepting the Terms and Conditions,
  • Validating the payment,

Therefore, by clicking on the ‘Submit’ button, the Order is an engagement to DESIGN YOUR CORNER to buy the goods on the Website.

Once the Order is confirmed by the Customer, He will be sent an email confirming, among other things, the availability and details of the order. The contract shall only be effective upon DESIGN YOUR CORNER’s confirmation email, it is only at this point in time that we accept your offer, are bound to fulfill it and a contract is formed.

Please note it is the Customer’s responsibility to check the confirmatory email and notify us immediately of any errors at

In case a Product would be unavailable, DESIGN YOUR CORNER will inform the Customer by e-mail as soon as possible and will remove the Product from the Website. DESIGN YOUR CORNER will inform, if possible, for the new availabilities of the Product or may suggest an exchange with a similar Product. In case of refusal by the Customer, we will make a full refund within (30) days from the confirmation of the refusal.

4. Pricing policy and delivery costs

All prices are quoted in Romanian lei, for the Romanian version of the website or in Euro for the English version. The prices set out on our site are inclusive of Romanian Value Added Tax (24%), but exclude delivery charges, unless free delivery is clearly stated on the Website.

DESIGN YOUR CORNER reserves the right to modify Product’s prices over time without prior notice due to different circumstances such as supplier’s price increase, new taxes or currency fluctuations. The new prices will not be applicable to ongoing orders.

The price fixed at the time of purchase is firm, but does not include the shipping costs which are extra. These kinds of costs will be indicated in the summary of the Order before payment. Delivery costs by country can be looked up in the delivery section of the Website. For a delivery inside the EU, the prices include the VAT applicable at the date of the Order. Any variation of the VAT applicable rate may affect the sale price of the Products.

If any malfunction of the Website may occur (which is however unlikely to happen) and the correct price of the goods is higher than the price stated on our Website, we will inform the Customer of the true cost. It is up to the Customer whether to accept or decline the order taking into consideration the new circumstances; in case of a refusal, He will be fully refunded within 30 days.

5. Payment options and security of shopping

The Customer undertakes to pay the total price of the Products, including VAT and shipping costs as stipulated on the Website and confirmed by the e-mail notification sent by DESIGN YOUR CORNER.

Payment of the goods can be made by one of the following payment methods:

  • online shopping by Credit Card (MasterCard, Visa),
  • online shopping by Debit Card (Maestro, Visa Electron),
  • Bank transfer,
  • Cash on delivery (for Romania delivery only),

Credit and debit card payments for DESIGN YOUR CORNER products are completed under safe procedures. All transactions are authorized and processed through a secure online payment service: mobilpay, which is managed by Netiopia SRL. NETOPIA mobilPay not only offers a system of payment processing via card, easily to use and safe, based on 3D-Secure Protocol, but also uses the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) data encryption. An encoded SSL connection assumes that all information exchanged between client and server are encoded by sender and decoded by recipient, thus protecting confidential data from any third party which might attempt to intercept such information.

So, the command page of the website redirects the Client to NETOPIA mobilPay secured payment page. The Customer has to provide his credit/debit card details; however all confidential information regarding transactions is not stored on NETOPIA mobilPay servers, but accessed directly by the processing bank.

When completing a transaction, the Customer must provide the card number using no spaces (all digits grouped in four printed on the front of the card), the expiry date and the last three digits printed on the signature strip on the back of the card (depending on card type, these figures may be missing). DESIGN YOUR CORNER never has access to any confidential information about the means of payment, nor does it require such details. Indeed, it is only Garanti Bank, our banking partner, that has access to confidential information (card number, validity date), which however cannot be accessed by any other third party.

While paying by credit/debit card, the payment cannot be cancelled. The payment is irrevocable, without prejudice for the Customer to exercise his rights, as He guarantees having all authority needed and sufficient funds to use such a payment method.

While paying by bank transfer, the bank details will be provided in the Order confirmation email. The payment will be made based upon the invoice issued by DESIGN YOUR CORNER. Failing receipt of the bank transfer within seven days from the Order confirmation by DESIGN YOUR CORNER or in case of rejection by the bank, DESIGN YOUR CORNER is entitled to cancel the Order.

* This payment option should only apply to orders delivered in Romania

If Customer may prefer the cash on delivery payment method, He shall be paying in local currency: Lei, according to the price specified on the website and confirmed in written by DESIGN YOUR CORNER, and will be the commissioner who shall carry out the delivery.

This method of payment is not available for online orders with a price inclusive of VAT higher than 5000 Lei.

6. Delivery

DESIGN YOUR CORNER products will be shipped by courier anywhere in Romania, and most of the European countries. For more information on shipping costs and geographical area covered, please go to "Shipping Information” page. In the event that a product does not ship to you but you’d really love the product - please send us an email to and we can provide a quote to have it sent over to you.

Products will be delivered to the address indicated by the Customer in the Order form, after confirmation of the Order. An email will be sent to the Customer as soon as the Products have been dispatched from DESIGN YOUR CORNER location. Delivery shall be deemed to have been made when the Products are delivered to the Customer at the address indicated in the Order confirmation. The delivery note given by the carrier, dated and signed by the Customer upon delivery will constitute evidence with regard to transport and delivery.

From the moment a carrier attempts to deliver the goods, it is your responsibility to accept the goods when they are ready to be delivered. In case of absence of the Customer during delivery, a notice will be left by the carrier. Products may therefore be collected following carrier’s indications. In this is a new failed attempt to delivery, the Products will be dispatched to DESIGN YOUR CORNER, while the further delivery costs will remain at the Customer’s charge.

Reception of the Products is done in presence of the representative carrier, when signing legal documents accompanying the parcel tax. The invoice accompanying the shipment is sale / purchase under Romanian legislation. If the Customer notes any damage, He shall express all reserves and complaints which would seem justified, even to refuse the parcel. The Customer needs to inform us about the situation within 24 hours of receipt, sending us a couple of photos of the damage.

Information displayed on the Website related to availability is subject to change without notice. Deliveries will be made according to the information on the Product pages after confirmation of the Order.

Should lead times stated on the Website be delayed, DESIGN YOUR CORNER will inform the Customer by e-mail and/or telephone and the Customer will agree to extend this deadline to a period no longer than the one initially planned.

All products will be dispatched between 2-4 working days for Romania deliveries, as soon as the products are available (availability period is provided for each product on the Website), after the confirmation of the Order. All Romania deliveries will be between Monday to Friday during the hours of 8.30 am and 7.30 pm.

The delivery costs shall be calculated when placing an order on the Website and depend on the weight and volume of the goods, but also on delivery location. Free shipment is available for all Romanian deliveries, with a value higher than 800 lei.

DESIGN YOUR CORNER will ensure proper packaging to all the products ordered, together with the additional documents.

7. Returns policy

Under Regulation in force, the Customer has the legal right to notify in written DESIGN YOUR CORNER of His wish to cancel the Order without penalty or without justification, within ten (10) working days of receiving the Products. The Customer has to make sure He returns the Products within 10 working days of delivery; otherwise DESIGN YOUR CORNER may be entitled to refuse the return.

Also, as defined in article 7, paragraph 1 of Ordinance 130/2000, the Customer is entitled to cancel the current “Terms and Conditions” within 10 working days of receipt of Product / goods, without penalty and without giving any reason. In this case, the direct cost of returning the Products will fall, the Customer.

In order to process the return as fast as possible and most convenient for you, please contact us by e-mail at

Any goods returned without prior notice and accordance by DESIGN YOUR CORNER will not be accepted.

Any goods must be returned in the same condition in which it was delivered (in their original packaging with all labels intact and accompanying documents); otherwise, DESIGN YOUR CORNER reserves the right to refuse the return.

Indeed, with regard to Ordinance 130/2000, article 10, paragraph c, DESIGN YOUR CORNER reserves the rights to refuse the return of goods which cannot be returned because of their nature, are liable to deteriorate or to be outdated quickly, such as breakable items. In any case, Customers will be told about the Products involved.

The Customer returning a Product within the period of 10 working days will be refunded the full amount of the Product within (30) days from the Order cancellation. Refunds are generally made by bank transfer so DESIGN YOUR CORNER may need the Customer’s bank details.

Value of additional services including, but not limited to shipping costs, paid by the client, will not be reimbursed.

Where items are too large or voluminous, we reserve the right to organize the return by a specialist carrier, who will contact the Customer to pick up the good. The cost of returning the product(s) will be your responsibility and you must insure the transit of the products. If the goods are returned damaged, no refund will be issued.

8. Product Information and Warranty

The information given on each Product page is as provided to DESIGN YOUR CORNER by the suppliers. This includes in particular pictures, technical specifications and descriptions.

In order to avoid any trouble, Products are verified in accordance with their descriptions by DESIGN YOUR CORNER before their shipment. However, due to technical reasons (photographic and IT constraints), the actual Products may slightly differ from pictures provided on the Website. We make every effort to ensure colors appear as realistic as possible. However, due to the constraints of digital reproduction on different web browsers, we cannot guarantee exact color depiction. Every care is taken to ensure descriptions and measurements are accurate, however slight variations may occur.

For all items made from natural fabrics, such as leather or wood, it is not possible to guarantee items will have the same color, shade and pattern or finish as items viewed on the website, due to the inherent nature of such products.

For wood items, any imperfection is to be considered as a distinguishing feature of craftsman work, which makes each piece unique.

Products presented on the Website are subject to warranty in accordance with Ordinance 21/1992, Law 449/2003 and Ordinance 174/2008; the warranty shall come into force at the date of receipt of the goods by the Client, as it follows:

  • Furniture - 2 years
  • Decorations – fabrics and textiles such as cushions, pouf's, laptop covers, glassware, pottery - 30 days

When requesting a Product warrantee, the Customer has to present the defective product, accompanied by invoice received upon delivery. This warrantee does not apply unless the Products are accompanied by the invoice issued by DESIGN YOUR CORNER. Under the warranty period, the Customer holds the legal right to ask for free repair or even replacement of the defective quality product, except for the damages caused by failure of the Customer instructions for use and maintenance. Depending on the availability of the supplier and where the product was manufactured, DESIGN YOUR CORNER will require to repair or replace the product, during the warranty within a maximum of 30 days. Replaced product will have the same warranty as a new one. After receipt and delivery, no claim can be asserted by the Customer on quantitative deficiencies or weaknesses that reasonably, should have been noticed upon reception of the goods.

The warranty does not cover damages, breaks, chippings or malfunctions from non-respect of precautionary measures. Glass Products or components breaking or scratching after reception are risks fully assumed by the Customer.

Prior to any Order and use of the Products, the Customer shall read all information available on the Website, and ensure that the Products are compatible with his private use. The Customer undertakes to respect instructions of use given by the suppliers and available on Website before use.

DESIGN YOUR CORNER holds no responsibility and should not be held responsible for any damage incurred by any use of products purchased from this Website. DESIGN YOUR CORNER does not guarantee and will not be held responsible in case the goods purchased do not meet the purpose for which purchased. Any complaint will be acknowledged to DESIGN YOUR CORNER within 24 hours of receiving the products, following to be sent to the products supplier for settlement. For any complains, please write us down at:

9. Privacy policy

DESIGN YOUR CORNER is highly committed to protecting your privacy. The information we collect about you in order to process your order will only be used lawfully in accordance with the Data Protection. DESIGN YOUR CORNER does not pass on the Customer’s details to any third party unless the Customer has given permission to do so.

The personal information requested from and related to the Customer is essential to process and ship his Order, to issue invoices, as the case may be or for the benefit of satisfaction’s questionnaires. DESIGN YOUR CORNER will only store and use these personal data in order to establish contact with its Customer, or to inform its Customers on the status of their account or their Order.

Your personal details may only be disclosed to other reputable third parties (such as the carrier operator) only for the purpose of processing your order. We require all such third parties to treat your personal information as fully confidential and to fully comply with all applicable Romanian Data Protection or Consumer Legislation.

When using the Website, Customers will have the option of choosing whether to receive from DESIGN YOUR CORNER, and/or partners, newsletters, commercial or promotional offers by e-mail. Should the Customer wish, for any reason, to not receive such offers, he shall at any time cancel his subscription whether by clicking on the corresponding link in the e-mails or by modifying his details on his online account.

The Customer shall not be compelled to provide his personal details, which is only necessary for the purposes stated above. Your refusal, will makes it impossible to buy online at DESIGN YOUR CORNER. According to Law no. 677/2001, you have the right to access and modify your personal information, the right to not be subject to individual decisions and the right to appeal to justice. However, you may object to the processing of your personal details and request deletion of data. To exercise these rights, you may submit a written, dated and signed request to SC DESIGN YOUR CORNER, Romania, Baloteşti, 1C5 Ficusului Street.

10. Intellectual property rights

All content on the website DESIGN YOUR CORNER including pictures, designs, logos, visual identity, database, and software, written and other materials on our website are copyrighted. Regardless of being registered or not, all elements mentioned before are and shall remain the exclusive property of DESIGN YOUR CORNER, with exception to photographs, trademarks and logos of suppliers of Products presented on the Website.

Any full or partial reproduction, modification or distortion of our website is strictly prohibited without prior written permission of SC DESIGN YOUR CORNER SRL. In case you are interested to take over any material from our website, please contact as by e-mail at:

11. Liability

Products offered on the Website are compliant with the applicable legislation and standards in Romania.

DESIGN YOUR CORNER undertakes exclusively to comply with all current legal terms applicable in Romania. No regulations specific to the country of delivery and/or consultation of the Website shall be applied. The Customer is solely responsible for ensuring that applicable legislation in his country is complied with. And it is up to Him to investigate with the relevant local authorities any possible restrictions on the import, export or use of the Products.

DESIGN YOUR CORNER is responsible for the supply of Products in the conditions described in these Terms and Conditions. DESIGN YOUR CORNER shall not be liable for damages caused by any failure from the Customer as a result of using the Website or the Products. In no event shall DESIGN YOUR CORNER’s liability be engaged for advices, recommendations and Product conditions of use provided by the Suppliers.

DESIGN YOUR CORNER shall not be held liable if the non-execution or poor execution of its obligations is attributable to the Customer, or to the act, unforeseeable and unavoidable, of a third-party during the Products delivery, or due to a case of force majeure, unforeseeable, uncontrollable and external.

DESIGN YOUR CORNER shall not be held responsible for (i) content available on other sites or Internet sources accessible through hypertext links inserted on the Website (and in particular owing to advertisements, Products, services or any other information) neither (ii) for any damages of any kind resulting from visiting those sites.

DESIGN YOUR CORNER shall not be held liable for non- availability of the Website or for any difficulties in connecting or for any interruptions in connection while visiting the Website or when placing an Order. In view of the world-wide nature of the Internet network, the Customer agrees to comply with all rules of public policy concerning behavior of the users of the Internet network and applicable in the country from which he uses the Website.

DESIGN YOUR CORNER shall have no liability to pay any money to you by way of compensation other than to refund to you the amount paid by you for the goods in question (minus any delivery charge).

If the goods are not what you ordered, are damaged or defective, or the delivery is of an incorrect quantity, we shall have no liability unless you notify us of the problem within 24 hours of receipt of the goods in question.

We shall not be liable for any defects in the goods caused by any act, neglect or default by you or any third party.

12. Force majeure

Neither party shall be liable for non-contractual obligations under these "Terms and Conditions", if such default is due to a force majeure event, in accordance with the applicable Romanian law.

13. Law - Disputes

These Terms and Conditions shall be performed and interpreted in accordance with the Romanian applicable legislation. In the event of a dispute, the Customer must first of all contact DESIGN YOUR CORNER in order to attempt to reach a friendly solution. Failing this, the competent Romanian Courts, located in Bucharest (Ilfov) shall have sole jurisdiction.

14. Final Disposition

DESIGN YOUR CORNER shall make every effort to ensure the accuracy of information displayed on the Website. However, given the possible errors with respect to such information, the Customer must be aware that products image is informative, some features and price of products on this website may change without prior notice and may contain operating errors.

In the event that any one of the provisions of these Terms and Conditions should be deemed to be illegal or non-binding whatever the cause, the other provisions shall remain effective.

Emails sent between DESIGN YOUR CORNER and the Customer shall be deemed to be the evidence of the communications, and if so, of their commitments, in particular in case of Orders or payments.

Along with the order, the Customer accepts the present “Terms and Conditions” and fully complies with the consequences of using the Website. The value of these "Terms and Conditions" is the same as a valid contract governed by the applicable Romanian laws. The acceptance by the Customer of these Terms and Conditions has the same probative force as a hard-copy written document, governed by Romanian law.